About Us

With more than 10 years' experience in the digital world, we are a business that carries out: Websites, consultancy, marketing actions, positioning, collection of user / client experience, development ... And many others.

We also perform all kinds of development, reparation and maintenance of hardware and computer equipment, we make corporate identity, graphic and vector edition and user interface for websites and applications and user management, communities, production …

We work remotely and also face to face. Contact us and request your appointment. We adapt to your needs!

  1. time-line
    June, 2011

    In 2011, we began our first jobs helping small businesses with the maintenance of their equipment and providing digital advice.

  2. time-line
    September, 2012

    After a year of small jobs, we continue to carry out actions for Microsoft and Badoo as main clients.

  3. time-line
    January, 2013
    Experience and customer loyalty

    In 2013, our efforts were focused on building loyalty and improving the experience of our main clients.

  4. time-line
    September, 2014
    Project: Libercar

    This year, our team developed a new project aimed at carpooling in cities on short and medium distances.

  5. time-line
    May, 2015
    Recognitions by the European Union

    Libercar project passed several stages in European accelerators (FIWARE), receiving recognition in its viability and numerous benefits. Finally, the project was ceased due to impossibility in the legal framework. Being UBER banned in our country, and set Libercar a solution of similar nature, the main partners of the project saw a considerable risk in it due to this prohibition and had to be stopped.

  6. time-line
    December, 2016

    Since 2016, all our energy has focused on expanding nationwide. Our goal is to become a benchmark in the digital world as far as services are concerned.

We care about your business

We work for you, to improve your profitability. Our priority is your satisfaction.

Excellent support

We believe that support and advice are essential elements in any business, so we prioritize any questions or doubts from our clients.

Amazing team

We are composed of an energetic, young and efficient team willing to fulfill all the prerogatives of our clients.


For us, the efficiency is to comply with the correct quality at the correct time.

Our vision

The future is digital, this is an undeniable fact. At present there are thousands of traditional companies that need to digitize, transform themselves to adapt to the business fabric. Our mission is to help them.

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References from satisfied customers

I look forward to continuing working together for a long time. You're one of my best assistants. I wish you the best of luck!
Hector Montalbo
User Operations Head at Badoo
Tony Barrera has successfully carried out monthly trainings about productivity in the use of technology and Microsoft product presentations.
Maria Rodriguez
Marketing & Operations at Microsoft